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Jan 22015 Predictions, Part 3: Call Ups
Jan 5Feed Ryback More
Jan 7The Seven Deadly Steps to Buying WWE Tickets from Ticketmaster
Jan 9Retcon Punk
Jan 12Pull in the Reins
Jan 14Wrestling with Headlines!
Jan 16WWE Immortals
Jan 19Rules of Etiquette for Wrestling
Jan 21What Other Vigilantes Learned from Sting
Jan 23How Roman Won the Rumble
Jan 26Roman Reigns on Criticism
Jan 28Making Roman Look Strong
Jan 30DDP Yoga: Don’t Forget To Do It Tomorrow
Feb 2Russell Madness: Old Dog New Spots
Feb 4If The Real World Was Like Wrestling: Heel Turns
Feb 6Suitable for the Hall of Fame
Feb 9Total Bellas
Feb 11The Storyline That Sticks Out to the Fans
Feb 13Solving the Darren Young Problem
Feb 16IWC
Feb 23Armchair Lawyers
Feb 25The Real Reason Brock Walked Out On Raw
Mar 2Teenage Beast
Mar 4Up in the Rafters
Mar 6#FireDeMott
Mar 9Stealing the Show
Mar 11Wrestlemania 31’s Biggest Stars
Mar 13Making a Trademark
Mar 16Road to Wrestlemania 31- The Board Game!
Mar 20No Distractions
Mar 23Reigning in Some Support
Mar 28Wrestling with Pacific Time and Open Stadiums
Mar 31Backstage Look at the Less Impressive Wrestlemania 31 Entrances
Apr 6Suplex City
Apr 13Gross Negligence
Apr 16Heel Sheamus
Apr 20Old Face of Fear
Apr 27Total Nonstop Accusations
May 2Why Chicago Street Fight Matches Make No Damn Sense
May 4Rousey vs. Mayweather vs. McMahon
May 8Avengers: Age of Ultron, Starring the Incredible Hulk Hogan!
May 12Altering Careers
May 21Destination America Presents Hillbilly Haint Hunters in the Impact Zone
May 26A New Age of Divas
May 29Blame Dixie
Jun 1Never Give Up
Jun 6Pop Up Promo Bomb
Jun 9Streaming Ring of Honor
Jun 17Where’s the Money?
Jun 23Tough Enough
Jun 26Global Invading Force Wrestling
Jul 1Production Champion
Jul 8An Old Testament Kind of Brock
Jul 12WWE Network Stability
Jul 16NXT Divas Revolution
Jul 20The Real Reason Undertaker Returned
Jul 27It’s Just Business, Brother!
Aug 2Enough Tough Enough
Aug 10Submission Sorority
Aug 24Everyone’s a Winner
Aug 30If the American Revolution was like the Divas Revolution
Sep 7“Destination America” Quality
Sep 13Mount RKOmore
Sep 16Game Over for RKO
Sep 18RKOPG- The Comic!
Sep 22The New Face of the Wyatts
Sep 28Trumping the Fans
Oct 1Table For 3
Oct 5Fan Career Mode
Oct 8The Future of TNA
Oct 12Rich Brennan, Son of Cole
Oct 15WWE Babies!
Oct 19Smashing Together the TNA World Title Series
Oct 23Ratings Wars
Oct 26WWE Petz!
Oct 29The Founding of Mexamerica
Nov 2Last Gen
Nov 5The Undertaker-McCools visit the Wyatts!
Nov 9Coping with Roman
Nov 11Title Tournament Torment
Nov 16Brock vs. Rousey
Nov 19Charlotte’s Choice
Nov 23Things I’m Thankful for in Wrestling!
Nov 30A Face Only the Authority Could Love
Dec 3League of Nations
Dec 8Signs You’re at an Indy Wrestling Show!
Dec 16Keeping Roman Strong
Dec 18Destination Cancellation
Dec 21Things We Learned From 2015- Debuts and Returns
Dec 23Things We Learned in 2015- Wrestling isn’t American
Dec 25Things We Learned in 2015-
Dec 28Predictions for 2016- Divas Revolution
Dec 30Predictions for 2016- TNA’s Future Endeavors