Immediately after Jeff Jarrett’s surprise appearance on Impact Wrestling Wednesday night I heard rumblings and rumors of a Global Force Wrestling invasion on TNA. Presumably they would first have to build a ballpark somewhere around the Impact Zone. After looking at all the familiar faces on GFW’s roster page though, I just don’t see it happening (talent not featured in the comic who were also in TNA include Doc Gallows, Jim Cornette, and the Young Bucks). And how exactly are GFW going to invade when they haven’t even had televised shows yet?

When GFW was first announced months and months ago it was a different world that we lived in. TNA was crumbling fast, Ring of Honor was going nowhere and WWE was complacent on top. Wrestling fans needed something to believe in and GFW was the shining light on the horizon. Today it’s a different story. Ring of Honor has a better TV deal, NXT is WWE’s own wrestling based alternative to Raw and Smackdown, and Lucha Underground is so good it’s getting Daytime Emmy buzz (from fans, anyway). I still want GFW to succeed, but when they start acting like they’re already established when all they’ve done is live events it raises my eyebrows. And hackles. Yep, hackles are definitely up on this one.