The WWE Network’s latest show, “Breaking Ground” looks to be another show about the future upcoming stars of the WWE and the trials and tribulations they must go through. On one hand I like that WWE constantly reinforces how hard it is for wrestlers to be successful in their business. You ever had a boss or teacher compliment you by saying how easy something is for you or that your just naturally good at it? WWE makes sure we know how much effort their independent contractors go through to get there.

On the other hand, one of my biggest issues with WWE is that their Superstars and Divas are so overexposed. I like Bayley now, but once she’s on Raw, Smackdown, (maybe still) NXT, Total Divas, Pay Per Views, and random Network Specials like “Breaking Ground” I’ll be sick of her. Actually, let’s change that to Dana Brooke… I could never get sick of Bayley.