Truth be told, I was hoping to have this comic posted closer to when the actual Chicago Street Fight match took place at Extreme Rules, but life came up. While my wife’s leg is healing well and she’s almost back to 100%, we’re also in the process of buying a house, so now my life’s all about stalking neighborhoods and closing dates and radon inspections. Fun stuff.

Anyway, while I enjoyed Extreme Rules, I was disappointed by the lack of Chicago props during the Chicago street fight. I know most people roll their eyes at things like pumpkins being used as weapons during “Trick or Street” fights, but if you’re going to attach a gimmick to something, embrace it! Like when Dean and Luke came back from their drive during the middle of their match, have them say something like “I thought we were crazy, but that was before we saw how Chicagoans drive!” (I kid, I love Chicago, but the one time I was there I was almost run over about twelve times).