I wasn’t angry about the ending to Summerslam. Just… disappointed. I’m not too sure why it would’ve hurt to have Lesnar lose clean to Undertaker without any screwy ref stuff, but even if they felt that they had to do it, I’m not sure why they’d involve the timekeeper who rarely (if ever?) rings the bell without a signal from the ref. I’ve seen some people justify the finish as a way to turn Undertaker heel, but he really didn’t do anything heelish except not correct the referee. All the heat is on the ref and timekeeper for being incompetent (or really the creative team).

So recently I went through the process of moving which has completely more or less enveloped my life, resulting in a less frequent update schedule. I’ve been trying to keep at least a Monday update going for now, but hopefully that’ll pick up once I get the walls painted, boxes unboxed, and basement un-spidered. Thanks for sticking with me though, and I’ll keep y’all updated through here, Facebook, and Twitter!