So literally two weeks ago I upgraded my cable package so I could watch Impact Wrestling (after it was recommended by several of you fine folks!) and just last night rumors started popping up that Destination America has cancelled it! They dropped all future episodes! I’m obviously hoping this is untrue, just like the other 9,000 rumors about TNA finally shutting down. I enjoyed the two episodes I was able to see and was glad that they fixed some of the problems from the year before (at least removing Dixie Carter from her on-screen role). If the rumors from the usual sketchy sources are true, the cancellation is due to high production costs and the sponsors not wanting to advertise during wrestling. I don’t know about production costs, but the ads on Destination America seem to be the same kind I see all the time during Raw and Smackdown. If Sonic’s okay with being advertised during Raw, do they really mind advertising during Impact Wrestling too?

I know that if Destination America does drop Impact Wrestling, I will be downgrading my cable package as soon as possible. Watching random movies halfway through on Encore doesn’t appeal to me and I wasn’t hooked by any of Destination America’s other programming either. Well, maybe a few of their dozen or so ghost shows, but you can pretty much see those anywhere.