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Jan 22017 WWE Predictions
Jan 42017 Lucha Underground Predictions
Jan 62017 Impact Wrestling Predictions
Jan 9Triple H’s NXT Kids- Oh no, back at Regal’s!
Jan 11The Jetsons Meet WWE!
Jan 13Crowd Shots
Jan 16Mosquito Champion
Jan 18The History of Huganomics
Jan 20Kurt’s Back!
Jan 23New Top Guys
Jan 25Remember the Rumble
Jan 27You Cant See The Fine Print
Jan 30Triple H’s NXT Kids- Rollins’ Rebellious Stage!
Feb 1Triple H’s NXT Kids- Rollins’ Rebellious Stage, Part 2!
Feb 3Here Comes the Money
Feb 6Wrestlemania Rumors
Feb 8Too Suit Me
Feb 10Valentine’s Day Photo Shoot
Feb 13Wyatt Family Values
Feb 15Holla Famer
Feb 17Retirement City, Bitch
Feb 20Brown Bag Special
Feb 22Thirty Days
Feb 24Montreal ****Job
Feb 27Expedition of Getting the Hell Out of Here
Mar 1So Topical
Mar 3Sister Abigail
Mar 6Shooting on Cena
Mar 8Booing the Babyface
Mar 10Make Impact Great
Mar 13Broken Anthem
Mar 15Triple H’s NXT Kids and the End of Stepdad Foley?!
Mar 17Wrestlemania: The Ultimate Kill Ride!
Mar 20This is My House
Mar 22Wrestlemania: The Ultimate Thrill Ride!
Mar 24Network Darlings
Mar 27The Road to Wrestlemania 33 The Board Game!
Mar 29Coasting to Wrestlemania
Mar 31How Wrestlemania 33’s Top Stars are Getting Ready for the Show!
Apr 3The Legend of The Undertaker
Apr 5Broken Anthem Owl
Apr 7Gronk Ain’t Hyped!
Apr 10How You Can Fight Bullying
Apr 12Where Smack Talking Happens
Apr 14House of Horrors
Apr 17Raw’s Big Questions
Apr 19An Ode to Strowman
Apr 21Vein Eventer
Apr 24What Fans Know About Global Force Wrestling
Apr 26How Braun Strowman Sorts Waste
Apr 28The Construction of the House of Horrors
May 1Goodness, Gracious,
May 3Triple H’s NXT Kids & Raw’s Title Situation!
May 5The Two Types of Artists
May 8Spoiled Wrestling Fan
May 10Good Friends, Better Enemies
May 12Getting Hyped About André
May 15If Movies Were Like Wrestling
May 17WWE Medical Dictionary
May 19How to Turn Heel in WWE
May 22An Audience That Cares
May 24One… Too…
May 26Battle Not With Broken Hardys
May 30Triple H’s NXT Kids in How I Spent My Vacation, Part 1
Jun 1Triple H’s NXT Kids in How I Spent My Vacation, Part 2
Jun 6Triple H’s NXT Kids in How I Spent My Vacation, Part 3
Jun 8Triple H’s NXT Kids in How I Spent My Vacation, Part 4
Jun 13Triple H’s NXT Kids in How I Spent My Vacation, Part 5
Jun 15Triple H’s NXT Kids in How I Spent My Vacation, Part 6
Jun 20Triple H’s NXT Kids in How I Spent My Vacation, Part 7
Jun 22Triple H’s NXT Kids in How I Spent My Vacation, Part 8
Jun 27Triple H’s NXT Kids in How I Spent My Vacation, Part 9
Jun 29Triple H’s NXT Kids in How I Spent My Vacation, Part 10
Jul 3Be Like No One
Jul 5Getting Over as an Underdog
Jul 7Deciding On A New Anthem Global Force Wrestling Impact Wrestling Logo!
Jul 10Under 205 Pounds and You Can’t Teach That!
Jul 12Kurt’s Secret
Jul 14Keeping Roman the Top Babyface
Jul 17The Ghost of Talking Smack Future
Jul 19Kurt’s Fired
Jul 21A New Kind of Babyface
Jul 24Professor Punchkins, The Scientific Wrestler
Jul 26The Hounds of Just Us
Jul 28A Broken Agreement
Jul 31Just… Looking at Pee
Aug 2Titus O’Neil’s Titus Brand Kids
Aug 4Professor Punchkins, the Scientific Wrestler
Aug 7If Smarks Could Time Travel
Aug 11Heel Bayley
Aug 14Mornings at the Angle Household
Aug 18Bryan’s 2018
Aug 21Keeping it Honorable
Aug 25Premeditated Beach Ball
Aug 28Send in the Clowns
Sep 1So, You Think You’re Untouchable
Sep 4The Mae-Be Get Time Classic
Sep 8The Root of TNA’s Problems
Sep 11As Ronda Rousey Does
Sep 15Concussions Conshmussions
Sep 18Company Man
Sep 22Running Away to Canada
Sep 25Bryan’s Exit Strategy
Sep 29Too Sour
Oct 2The History of the Fisherman’s Suplex
Oct 6Casting Abigail
Oct 9Stranded in the Main Event
Oct 13Unleash Your Warrior
Oct 16What Happened to Neville
Oct 20Kurt Angle’s Raw Kids and Daniel & Shane’s Smackdown Live Kids!
Oct 23Sister Abifail
Oct 27Under Siege!
Oct 30Great Moments for a Heel Turn
Nov 3Proofreader of Pain
Nov 6Rock n’ Wrestling Rager Cruise
Nov 10Fans Needed, No Experience Necessary
Nov 13The History of the Dragon Sleeper
Nov 17How I Hope Survivor Series Ends
Nov 20Previously on Arrow
Nov 23Triple H’s NXT Kids and the Survivor Series!
Nov 27Considering the Possibilities for Paige’s New Stable…
Dec 1Election Night in Knox County
Dec 4Woken, Not Broken
Dec 8Things That Mildly Bug Me In Wrestling: Stables that don’t have anything in common!
Dec 11Professor Punchkins, the Scientific Wrestler!
Dec 15Mixed Match Challenge
Dec 18XFL
Dec 22Things We Learned From Wrestling in 2017
Dec 25The History of the Northern Lights Suplex
Dec 292018 Predictions, Part 1