So this isn’t exactly what happened on the final episode of Destination America presents TNA: Total Nonstop Action: Impact Wrestling, but you could tell that just by watching last Wednesday’s special 10:00PM broadcast that they were running out of pre recorded material before finishing their tournament on Pop TV. While I’ve historically never really been a big TNA fan, I was hooked earlier this year when EC3 won the title and I’m really disappointed that my cable provider doesn’t provide Pop TV. I can always watch clips uploaded to youtube, but sometimes it’s more of a headache than it’s worth!

And while I say that last Wednesday night’s broadcast of TNA was their last, they did advertise a “best of” episode for next week, so I guess that will officially be their last. Although some sources are reporting it will air on Pop TV, so maybe both networks will air the same episode. TNA’s employees aren’t even sure!