The biggest guilt trip in wrestling is thinking about all the new possibilities that open up when a headlining wrestler gets injured. While I love Seth in the ring and on the mic, his reign as champion has been dominated by the same on-again off-again tension with the Authority and Kane, and I’m not sure I could take another five months of it until Seth faced Triple H at Wrestlemania 32 (reportedly). While I’m excited about the idea of a Survivor Series tournament for the title, the only real possibilities for the winner are Roman, Sheamus (after cashing in on Roman), and… Roman. I’d love to see Bray beat the Undertaker to win it or Dean turn heel on Roman to win it, but considering that Roman was (reportedly) slated to win the title from Seth at Survivor Series anyway, I have a strong feeling that he’s going to win. And I’m okay with that. I’m okay with that. I’m going to keep telling myself that I’m okay with that until I actually bellee dat.