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Jan 12018 Predictions, Part 2
Jan 52018 Predictions, Part 3
Jan 8Google Translate “Top Babyface”
Jan 12Making History
Jan 15Mixed Match Charities
Jan 19The Best Version of the Shield
Jan 22The Undertaker-McCools at Raw 25
Jan 26The XFL Redefined
Jan 29Royal Rousey
Feb 2Cell Phone Plan
Feb 5Mixed Matchmaker
Feb 9Neck to Neck
Feb 12The Third Man
Feb 16Rockstar Spud’s Master Plan
Feb 19Time is a Flat Squared Circle
Feb 23Moving Day for Lucha Underground!
Feb 26The Most Brutal and Sadistic Match of All Time!
Mar 2Welcome to the Wyatts!
Mar 5Cena’s Roadblock
Mar 9Backup Braun
Mar 12The History of the Tree of Woe
Mar 16Don’t Dedicate Matches When You’re Hungry. Grab a Snickers.
Mar 19Making Roman Work
Mar 23The Phenomenal News
Mar 26Heal Thyself!
Mar 30Securing Wrestlemania
Apr 2The Road to Wrestlemania 34- The Board Game!
Apr 6How Wrestlemania 34’s Top Stars are Preparing for the Show!
Apr 9Monster Among Children
Apr 13Raw After Wrestlemania
Apr 16Manager of Pain
Apr 20John Cena Jr.
Apr 23B. A. Stooge
Apr 27Times Wrestling Has Made Me Look Like An Idiot!
Apr 30WWE Geography
May 4Devil’s Favorite Candidate
May 7What Will Make Sasha or Bayley Finally Turn Heel?
May 11Set Up For A Snickerin’
May 14The History of the Names of Wrestling Moves- The Side Russian Leg Sweep
May 18Working Reality
May 21Never-Ending Smackdown
May 25Overbooking Daniel Bryan’s Book Club
May 28Fight Forever
Jun 1Top Rated Programming
Jun 4Punk vs. Amann
Jun 8Sanity
Jun 11Constable Corbin
Jun 15Where the Authors of Pain Have Been
Jun 18Fearing the Ladder of Success
Jun 22Bludgeoning Bryan
Jun 25Triple H’s ROH Kids?!
Jun 29Good Dog! Bad Mistake!
Jul 2Counseling Bayley
Jul 6Kevin Owens is a Babyface
Jul 9Exposing Brock Lesnar
Jul 13PreOrder Bonus
Jul 16Back in the Hall of Fame, Brother!
Jul 20What Will Get Randy Orton Booed?
Jul 23Stephanie’s Big Announcement
Jul 27In Defense of Evolution
Jul 30Completely Cuetos
Aug 3Standard Heel Promo
Aug 6Having Black’s Back
Aug 10Hey Brock, It’s Paul
Aug 13Exposing the Business
Aug 17Anthem Owl’s Back!
Aug 20Triple H TakeOver
Aug 24Producing the Shield
Aug 27Wyatt Family Reunion
Aug 31Aleister Black Attacker Investigation: Day 2
Sep 3All In 20XX
Sep 7The Scale of Believability in WWE
Sep 10Joe’s Dad Advice
Sep 14Backstage Polling
Sep 17Twisting the Narrative
Sep 21Mayoral Retreat
Sep 24Bellalution
Sep 28Double Turn
Oct 1The Best Wrestling
Oct 5Action Packed
Oct 8Rest in Peace
Oct 12Break it Down
Oct 15TV vs. Live
Oct 19Agents of Change
Oct 22Becky’s Downfall
Oct 26Evolutionary Equality
Oct 29The History of the Gory Special
Nov 2Crown Jewel, Brother!
Nov 5The New Face of WWE
Nov 9A Regal Investigation
Nov 12Ultima Lucha Cuatro
Nov 16Millennial Champion
Nov 19If The Real World Was Like Wrestling- Face Breaker
Nov 22Gobbledy Gooker Return Tour
Nov 26Renee Young-Ambrose
Nov 30We Are NXT
Dec 3The History of the Shining Wizard
Dec 7Plant-Based Champion
Dec 10Holding Out for What’s NXT
Dec 14Levels of Kayfabe Breakage
Dec 17Christmas Stories Told Through Wrestling- Frosty the Snowman
Dec 21U.S.S. Raw
Dec 242019 Predictions- Women’s Tag Championships
Dec 312019 Predictions- Cruising Along