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Jan 12018 Predictions, Part 2
Jan 52018 Predictions, Part 3
Jan 8Google Translate “Top Babyface”
Jan 12Making History
Jan 15Mixed Match Charities
Jan 19The Best Version of the Shield
Jan 22The Undertaker-McCools at Raw 25
Jan 26The XFL Redefined
Jan 29Royal Rousey
Feb 2Cell Phone Plan
Feb 5Mixed Matchmaker
Feb 9Neck to Neck
Feb 12The Third Man
Feb 16Rockstar Spud’s Master Plan
Feb 19Time is a Flat Squared Circle
Feb 23Moving Day for Lucha Underground!
Feb 26The Most Brutal and Sadistic Match of All Time!
Mar 2Welcome to the Wyatts!
Mar 5Cena’s Roadblock
Mar 9Backup Braun
Mar 12The History of the Tree of Woe
Mar 16Don’t Dedicate Matches When You’re Hungry. Grab a Snickers.
Mar 19Making Roman Work
Mar 23The Phenomenal News
Mar 26Heal Thyself!
Mar 30Securing Wrestlemania
Apr 2The Road to Wrestlemania 34- The Board Game!
Apr 6How Wrestlemania 34’s Top Stars are Preparing for the Show!
Apr 9Monster Among Children
Apr 13Raw After Wrestlemania
Apr 16Manager of Pain
Apr 20John Cena Jr.