It’s funny how social media can change things. If you were watching Raw Monday night and didn’t have twitter open, you’d think it was just another typical episode of Raw. If you WERE following along on twitter, you’d see a plethora of penis puns accompanied by a little bit of chatter about wrestling. In case you missed it, Seth Rollins’ fiancee (now ex-fiancee, presumably) discovered that the architect of the Shield was erecting a new project in the form of a new NXT signee/ model, and posted nude pictures of them on twitter in response. It’s all so gossipy, isn’t it? And yet people turn their nose at Total Divas.

Thankfully WWE isn’t going to be too hard on Rollins, according to the normal sketchy sources. He seems like a favorite to walk out of Wrestlemania as the WWE World Champ, so I’d hate to see any of this drama that’s beyond his control derail him.