Well maybe they weren’t unimpressive in their own right, but after seeing a wrestler come out in a tank, Cena running to the ring doesn’t have quite the same punch to it. And what was up with Sting’s Taiko drums?

Nonetheless, Wrestlemania 31 was pretty damn good. I think all the matches delivered and the show as a whole was really fun to watch. Even some of the matches I wasn’t really excited for, like Triple H vs. Sting, were entertaining. Even though I wasn’t a fan of wrestling when the Attitude Era was going on, I still enjoyed the NWO vs. DX tussle. Sure they’re all way past their prime, but it was still a fun moment to watch, right?

The standout for me though was probably Cena vs. Rusev. Maybe it’s because I never really gave these guys much credit, but I was really impressed with both of them. Even though Cena won, Rusev still came off looking like a huge star. I was also really glad to see Rollins walk out with the title, mostly because it means that we’re back to seeing the champ more than once every few months. The ladder match was also fun, although I think I’ve reached a point in my life where when I see a wrestler dive off a ladder into a table I’m not as excited as I am worried that they died on screen. Seriously, did you see Dean fall through that table? I was worried.

If I had to nitpick, I’d probably say the only thing that really bothered me was Hideo being eliminated so quickly by the Big Show in the Andre the Giant Battle Royal. That was his first introduction to many of the fans, and I think he just came off as kind of weak. It didn’t even make Big Show look that good!

Anyway, I enjoyed the show overall, and definitely think it was worth the price (y’know, $9.99). I mean, how often do you get to see Triple H dressed up as the Terminator? Almost never!