One thing I keep asking myself with the Divas Revolution is “who are they revolting against?” The fans for not believing in them? The WWE for not giving them the time or opportunity? No, it’s against the Bellas for… reasons.

After Brooklyn took a massive dumpski on the Divas match last Monday, everyone’s been arguing about whether or not the whole revolution is officially dead. I’ll throw my hat in the ring and say no, it’s not. Because I think they have too much “Divas Revolution” branded merchandise in the works to give up on it now.

Sometimes I feel like the WWE is a Hydra with too many heads pulling it in too many different directions. Like one sees the success with Ronda Rousey and says that the women’s division should be like that, and another is invested in “Total Divas” and the upcoming “Diva Search” and says that they have to make sure the women are still “divas” and fighting over a glittery butterfly. There’s probably another one worried about social media, another that thinks women will never be able to draw money as actual competitors, and maybe, maybe one that actually believes in the women on the roster.