The first time I heard the Seven Deadly Steps to a Match, I’ve been waiting to use them in a comic. What’s funny is that while they’re described as being steps to a “wrestling” match, you can apply them to some fight scenes in movies too.

Anyway, in case you can’t tell I recently bought tickets to a WWE Live show from Ticketmaster and realized- I’ve never been able to do that without cursing! Weird, huh? I don’t normally go to house shows, but I’m a little more excited for this one because Chris Jericho will be there doing his “anti-Brock Lesnar” run (where he only works house shows) and I’m hoping maybe some of the NXT talent will be there as well. House shows usually feel a bit more fun and intimate than going to Raw, Smackdown, or a Pay Per View because it’s all about wrestling and less about Network promotion. Also you’ll sometimes get to see them trying out new matchups or new wrestlers too. The only downside to a house show is that I won’t have a bunch of snarky people to tweet about it with, but I guess that will give me more time to watch the matches.