It’s Wrestlemania weekend! Woo! The buzz is finally starting to hit me. I’ve heard a lot of naysayers the past few weeks saying “nay” to the show, and while I’ve done a fair share of criticizing it on my own, I’m still looking forward to many of the matches. None of them stand out to me as a major “I have to see it!!!” type of match, but I think many of the matches will be high quality, or at least have outcomes that really matter. And, of course, I’m looking forward to the awesome Wrestlemania entrances.

I didn’t even think about what Wyatt and the Undertaker’s entrances would look like in the open arena in the sunlight until someone mentioned it on the Fans Talk Wrestling podcast I was on last Tuesday. I had a great time on their podcast (as I always do) predicting Wrestlemania 31 and playing the “Road to Wrestlemania- 31 Edition!” board game I posted last week. You can check out the podcast along with a video of the board game being played at: FTW Podcast is run by a great group of guys that talk about almost all of the wrestling shows televised today, including WWE shows, TNA, Lucha Underground and Total Divas (maybe I’m the only one who’d want to listen to a Total Divas podcast, I don’t know!). Anyway, you can check out all of their shows over at