While I’d like to join the crowd and celebrate the NXT divas revolution where Sasha Banks, Charlotte, and Becky Lynch officially debuted on Raw, I can’t help being skeptical. My problem with the WWE Divas Division isn’t that the performers are bad, it’s that they get a very short amount of screen time, and even when they are on TV, they have no consistency. The program “NXT,” on the other hand, affords women wrestlers both time in the ring and time to develop characters and storylines. So while I love Sasha, Charlotte, and Becky (okay, maybe I’m only fond of Becky), I’m betting on Raw they’ll just be new faces in the same old roles.

It doesn’t help that Sasha immediately joined Naomi and Tamina for no other reason than they needed three members! Should she help out her friends from NXT? No, no, with Paige they already make three, so she may as well just join the team with two people and hope they accept her just walking up to them. I know I’m being too critical, but when Stephanie goes on and on and on about supporting the revolution in women’s sports, it shows that they’re only interested in changing the women, not the way they’re treated and perceived.