While it wasn’t as good as his interview with Vince, Stone Cold’s interview with Triple H was still pretty damn good. While some of the things they discussed seemed pretty sketchy, like Hunter’s feelings on CM Punk and why Chyna isn’t in the Hall of Fame (her porn career isn’t appropriate for the WWE fanbase), for the most part it was an interesting look into the mind of the COO of the WWE. I saw some folks saying that Triple H was dodging questions, but I think he answered them pretty fully for the most part. I think the problem with Austin’s questions about the Rumble finish and Roman Reigns was that they weren’t direct enough. In the interview with Vince I felt like Austin avoided pulling any punches, but this time rather than asking Triple H why the Royal Rumble finish was booked so poorly, he would lead in with the controversy and then spin the question to be about how hard it is to please fans and book shows when everyone knows wrestling is scripted. I did enjoy seeing the two of them squirm when trying to describe the angry fans without using the words “smart mark” or “vocal minority”.

Also, upon rereading this comic one last time it seems like I’m kind of saying that having nude pictures online is just as bad as rape and murder. I’m not! It’s just that it’s all inappropriate for H’s daughters.