I’ll never get tired of drawing suburbanite Michelle McCool and The Undertaker.

In a night of great matches, the Undertaker interrupted the main event of Battleground like a vengeance demon that likes to take a year and a half long break every now and then. While normally I would be upset at the treatment of Seth Rollins, (entering first, not getting a clear finish to his match) I was actually happy to see Undertaker come back to square off against Brock. It will probably pass with time, but I can overlook the amount of time that it took ‘Taker to return and the prioritizing of older stars over new ones, because it was pretty cool to see ‘Taker all pissed off again.

I’ve seen some people theorize that ‘Taker really came back because he’s supporting the Authority or he’s angry with Brock for hurting Kane… I really don’t think Undertaker will be involved in storylines that have more people than him and his opponent and need more reasons than “I’m angry!”