Am I predicting the future year of 20XX and 20XXI correctly the same way “Back to the Future Part II” predicted the Cubs in the World Series?? I’m excited to find out!

I may seem harsh on TNA from time to time, but I must admit that I bought and watched “Bound for Glory” last Sunday and I really enjoyed it! Sure, the ending was dumb and the Shera Shuffle was out of place, but it was the first TNA Pay Per View I’ve watched live and I wasn’t disappointed. Highlights for me were EC3, the Ultimate X Match, EC3, Tyrus winning the battle royal and being congratulated by EC3, Awesome Kong vs. Gail Kim (besides her husband cookin’ up trouble), and EC3 in the main event… until that terrible finish.

I also want to take the time to mention Blambot, the website that I get all my fonts from. I give them credit in my “about” page, but when choosing the alien font I immediately went to them (as I do for most all my fonts) and thought I should really plug them more. Yay fonts!