So you know how sometimes you say things and then go on to realize that you didn’t really mean them even though you thought you did? Well, it happened to me. Shocking, right? I know.

In the weeks leading up to the Rumble I said I was sympathetic to Roman Reigns, and if Bryan didn’t win the Royal Rumble, I generally wouldn’t be angry about it. And then the Royal Rumble happened and I tweeted something along the lines of it being pathetic and I mocked Vince for saying he listens to the fans. Well, I was angry! If I wasn’t passionate about wrestling I couldn’t do this comic.

Anyway, in the Rumble match Bryan lost very anti-climatically halfway through and the other crowd favorites- Ziggler, Ambrose, and Wyatt- were dumped outside of the ring like sacks of dirt. Since the Royal Rumble, where everyone in attendance booed (as in not just the IWC- whatever that means anymore) and the hashtag “#CancelWWENetwork” started trending, we’ve learned that the WWE Network had a record day for subscriptions on Monday. Well isn’t that a kick in the pants?

I don’t wish anyone any amount of failure, but to see WWE rewarded for having what I thought was a pretty terrible Royal Rumble match was disappointing. I think the whole match was booked poorly, and I don’t think anyone, even Roman Reigns came out of it looking particularly strong. Having the Rock come in at the end just seemed desperate. And just to be fair, I’m not saying that I’m angry that Reigns won because I don’t like him as a person or I don’t think he has what it takes to be a main event star someday, but as of right now I can’t name any singles match he’s been in that has been really good or great- something that I think I should be able to say about a Wrestlemania main eventer- and that bothers me.

Just so I don’t come across as too negative about the Rumble, I will say that I loved some of the surprises in the match like DDP and Bubba (although it was spoiled for me), and, of course, the triple threat for the WWE title was amazing.