WWE Immortals has the story, look, presentation, conceptualization and everything else that I want in a WWE video game… and terrible gameplay. I played Injustice: Gods Among Us before this (the game this was heavily based off of) so I wasn’t expecting much, but after seeing the cool character designs and watching videos of the excessively over the top finishers, I started hoping for more. I mean, they even bothered to make sure that the WWE Superstars’ finishers in the game match up with what they do in real life! I wasn’t expecting that (any) attention to detail when the game was first announced. Too bad it all comes down to mindless tapping and swiping. I hope they take this idea to a full fledged console game or hell, even release an art book of it because I would definitely pick it up.

And yes, when I say the story is what I want out of a WWE game, I realize that it’s just the Authority stealing a demonic lantern from Bray Wyatt.