As a “last gen” video game console hanger-on, I will be passing on this year’s WWE 2K game. I can put up with playing some current gen games on my trusty old PS3. Playing Dragon Age Inquisition is like a bonding experience between my console and I. Every time I beat a large group of enemies or, I don’t know, save the game without it crashing, I feel like it’s a small victory between the two of us. We’re working together to say you don’t have to pay hundreds of dollars every five years to keep enjoying video games.

Playing a game in an annual franchise, however, is a little different. I already know I’m going to get a limited experience, considering wrestling games haven’t evolved that much in the last several years, but then to find out that any new features have been removed completely is taking it too far. Attacking during entrances? Couldn’t you do that way back in WWF Raw on the original XBox? And as far as limited reversals… I actually do like that idea, because in past games I felt like the only difference between Charlie Haas and Triple H (Day of Reckoning ftw!) was Triple H would counter any time I looked at him and there was nothing I could do about it.