To WWE’s credit, they did have at least one match between Bryan vacating the title and them announcing the Elimination Chamber as a match known for altering careers. I’m sorry to see Bryan vacate his title, just as I was sorry when it happened a year ago. Of course it’s a little more nerve racking this time because with two serious injuries under his belt his return becomes a question of “if” not “when”. I find it strange though that (as far as I’ve seen) no one has said what his injury is from. Last year it was his neck, but I don’t know if this is a resurgence of that problem or something new. I guess it doesn’t matter, but as a fan I’d like to be at least a little informed about what’s keeping him out of action.

I’m really looking forward to Bryan being on Tough Enough though. On Colt Cabana’s first Wrestling Road Diaries movie Bryan, Colt, and Sal stopped by a wrestling seminar and you really got to see Bryan discuss his process for wrestling and even train guys for a little bit. It was really cool to see and if it’s any indication, he’ll be a great addition to Tough Enough.