Welcome one and all to the sixth annual Randy Orton Week! I don’t often toot my own horn, but not just anyone could do it- recycling the same jokes year after year and finding new ways to make fun of a decade old rumor about someone pooping in someone else’s bag… but I haven’t backed down. Every year for the past couple of years I ask myself if I should just give up on Randy Orton week and see if anyone notices. If I should pick another wrestler to make fun of instead, like having a Miz week or Kurt Angle week or Hornswoggle week… but I always come back to my favorite angry, orange wrestler!

Long time readers will know that in addition to my normal comics about Mr. Orton, I also have fun & games or at least photoshops in the blog on the main page… this year I’ve gone a bit further and pooled all the effort into one big tabletop role playing game… A RKOPG, if you will… for 2 players and up. Watch as I reveal throughout the week how to play this glorious game through updates on the blog on the main page and check out the introduction here!