Sufferin’ succotash, that Roman Reigns promo on Smackdown was terrible! While at one point in time I was looking forward to hating on him if he wins the Rumble, I’m now starting to feel sorry for him. We’ve seen this with Sheamus before- WWE wants John Cena’s successor to be another John Cena! Terrible jokes, smiling and waiving, being a star… Sheamus couldn’t recover from it, and I worry the same thing will happen to Roman. Big Show and Mark Henry kind of do the same thing where they’re big, badass ass-kickers as heels and then when they turn face they start getting all friendly with the fans. I can’t speak for anyone else, but when I’m looking for someone to live vicariously through, it’s a tough badass, not someone who tries to act chipper all the time and tells bad jokes. I’m already living that life.

Also, as a side note, I totally almost made a “Where’s the beef?” sign for the last show I went to with a drawing of that old lady from Wendy’s and all. Fortunately my wife talked me out of it before I spent too much time on it.