I’ve seen a lot of people call WWE hypocritical for firing Hulk Hogan over his racist comments while other known racists like Michael Hayes stay on the payroll. Michael Hayes, however, doesn’t get WWE mainstream attention for his actions. I really can’t blame WWE for not wanting their family-friendly, anti-bullying product to be directly associated with someone who was quoted saying things that completely go against that. I do feel like WWE completely Benoiting him from their shop, games, etc. is drastic, but I imagine it will blow over once the next scandal comes along and people forget about Hulk.

As far as the Hulkamaniacs who say WWE should stand by Hulk because he helped them build their empire… Hulk didn’t stop from joining their competition in a direct attempt to bring them down in 1994 with WCW and in 2010 with TNA. Hulk Hogan made business decisions then and WWE is making one now.

I’m still a little skeptical about the whole thing because the story was broken by the National Inquirer, but Hulk admitting to it doesn’t help.