In a recent blog post, Havok criticized fans who run their mouths about how much wrestlers are paid, asking why it was any of their business to begin with. Y’know, she brings up an interesting point. Why should anyone care if TNA pays wrestlers on time? Maybe it’s because if someone’s going to invest themselves in a product, they’d like to know that wrestlers won’t just up and quit over not being paid on time? Maybe people don’t want to support a company that treats its employees that way? I mean, it’s not that uncommon, is it? Protesters are constantly out protesting businesses down the street from me over the minimum wage being too low.

I’m not one to be constantly worrying about wrestling business practices (not true, total lie), but as someone who is thinking about upgrading my cable package so I can get Destination America, I don’t really want to go through with it if it looks like TNA’s (still) about to go belly up. Wrestlers not being paid on time makes me think it’s about to go belly up.

Really though, if anyone has any recommendation as to whether or not I should invest in Destination America to watch TNA, let me know. I haven’t watched it at all since they left Spike, so I really don’t know what going on there, aside from Spud, Angle, and ECIII still being there. Oh, and some kind of Knock Down Squad? Beat Up Coterie? Something like that.