As far as all of wrestling’s brutal and sadistic matches go, Elimination Chamber ranks pretty high in my book. It’s kind of like if Hell in a Cell and the Royal Rumble had a baby. They’re never technical masterpieces, but I still had a good time last night watching Alexa climb around trying to get away from Sasha and Bayley in the women’s match and Braun throwing Miz off the top of a pod in the men’s. I thought both Chamber matches were entertaining (if predictable) and made up for the slump of matches in the middle of the show.

While I’ve felt skeptically angry about Ronda Rousey ever since she stepped all over Asuka’s Rumble win last month, I couldn’t help but feel bad for her last night when she completely fumbled on the mic. She won the crowd over at the end of her contract signing segment by putting Triple H through a table, but WWE really needs to find a manager for her soon!