After having Becky’s injury rubbed in my face in the opening match of Survivor Series, I was ready to turn the whole show off. “Face-Breaker”? Why not Shoulder-Breaker or Head-Cracker or Zelina-Concussor? I’m glad I stuck around until the end though, because those last couple of matches were pretty good.

Charlotte vs. Ronda was great, and I can’t help but like seeing Charlotte win the audience’s approval after “turning heel” on Ronda, especially after the audience turned on Charlotte when Becky did the same thing to her. Also I never really thought Bryan would beat Brock, but I’ll be damned if those two didn’t keep me on the edge of my seat during their main event. I’m not sure if it made up for the loss of Becky vs. Ronda, but I can still look forward to watching that match while eating avocado toast at a later date.