While I’ll always love Lucha Underground for adding such an amazing alternative to the wrestling scene with its sci-fi horror characters and storylines and unapologetically violent matches, season four slipped into a love-hate status for me. It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what went wrong- it certainly wasn’t the cheaper budget, missing wrestlers, or new location. It was more like the tone shifted from being American Horror Story to a SyFy B-Movie. It was still fun, but it felt like the gravity was a little lighter than before. Things mattered a little less.

Like the time the Reptile Tribe resurrected Jeremiah Crane and changed his name to “Jeremiah Snake” or when Mil Muertes killed Catrina who had already spent years as a ghost. How did Jeremiah feel about his name change? Why didn’t Catrina come back as a ghost again? And when were we going to get some clarification on these Gods that keep possessing things and people? And is Joey Ryan still a cop? These are things I wanted to have answered, only to eventually realize they were never going to be addressed.

But for everything that didn’t make sense, there were still plenty of amazing matches, characters, twists and turns (and a wedding!) that make me want to see a fifth season happen, even if it doesn’t include all of the wrestlers who were killed. And if Lucha Underground doesn’t come back, I’ll always appreciate it for introducing me to a ton of new wrestlers, like the time travelling Aero Star. I’ll always love watching him be able to fly around L.A. and time travel all the way back to a millenia ago, even if his win-loss record isn’t that great.