Out of all of the unbelievable matches and moments at Wrestle Kingdom 12, one that stuck out to me was Okada closing the show by pointing out the empty seats and pledging to make fans happy- even those that didn’t like him. I’m so used to WWE being in “deal with it” mode that his respectful attitude was a pleasant surprise! Of course the fans there don’t troll the matches with obnoxious chants, so maybe it’s a chicken and egg kind of thing when it comes to sassy audiences and sassy babyfaces.

I’ve only seen the AXS TV broadcast of Wrestle Kingdom 12 so far, which included the top three matches and Cody vs. Kota Ibushi, but it’s been really great! I know they plan on showing the four way and maybe more next week, but so far I was really impressed, especially with Jericho vs. Omega, which I thought definitely lived up to the hype.