This isn’t too different than my feelings about wrestlers not immediately diving out of the doorway in cage matches.

Money in the Bank has come and gone and I’m proud to say that I predicted seven out of ten matches correctly (if you count Alexa’s interference in the Raw women’s title match as a DQ win for Ronda, which I do). Money in the Bank was a HUGE step up from last month’s Backlash when it comes to in ring quality, although I was still disappointed in some of the finishes.

Alexa being a champion again after she just lost it two months ago? Pass. Shinsuke losing what could have been his last World Title match? Hard pass. Asuka losing to Carmella due to Ellsworth interference? Well, I was at least preparing myself for this one. I’m just glad that Asuka suffered her first WWE loss to Charlotte at Wrestlemania in what was arguably the best match of the show.

My biggest takeaways are that I’m glad that Bryan beat Cass again, I’m glad that Braun won the men’s MITB match because I think he’s most likely to get the title off of Brock, and that Ronda Rousey really shined when most everyone (including me) expected her to fail. Even though it was only her second match she still looked awesome (yknow, except when she literally fell ass backwards out of the ring. Only veterans know where the ropes are, after all.)