While I don’t mind Mixed Match Challenge involving Braun and Alexa in a racy storyline about looking “kinda cute”, now that Goldust is fawning over Mandy Rose I’m worried the whole tournament will end in a wedding. Maybe I’m pushing the panic button too soon, but viewership for the mixed tag tournament is dropping significantly each week, so I wouldn’t be surprised if they hype it up with more and more romance between the tag partners (except the ones who are actually married).

So far I’ve really enjoyed the Mixed Match Challenge, especially with how simple and pure it is to have a wrestling show based around a couple of promos and a single match. I also really enjoy thinking about how even ten years ago every single team would have been sleeping with each other and now they’re mostly just respectful coworkers. I think I’ve only seen two people hook up at any place I’ve worked at, so I appreciate Mixed Match Challenge accurately reflecting my own life (although no one that I ever worked with had shredded abs like Finn or Mandy, so that could be a difference maker.