Going into Wrestlemania 34 many considered it to have one of the best Wrestlemania cards in history, and while I don’t think the final show was perfect, it was still really good. Some matches delivered way beyond what I was expecting, like Ronda’s match, and while some others like Cena versus Undertaker and the Bar versus Braun and a mystery partner didn’t live up to my low expectations, they were at least over quickly. Even though the show definitely felt too long by the last few matches, I at least appreciated some surprises, like Nia Jax winning the title and Brock retaining, two outcomes I would’ve bet money against.

The one thing I like the most about the show is all of the storylines coming out of it, with Nakamura turning heel, a child being half of the Raw tag champions, Owens and Zayn getting fired, Brock being the champion when he’s supposed to be leaving for UFC, seeing what Ronda’s next feud will be, and how Asuka handles her first loss in WWE. I mean I’m not happy about all of it, but I’m at least interested to see what happens next, which is more than I can say for the past few ‘Manias.