I was excited when I read about Daniel Bryan starting his most recent attempt at a book club, and while I’m only about an hour into the audio version of their first book, “Factfulness”, I’m enjoying it so far. I really liked his interview on the “Why Not Now?” podcast that launched the whole thing, so I’m really hoping he sticks with it this time! I got a lot out of some of the other books (“Weapons of Mass Instruction”) and podcasts (“Hardcore History”) he’s recommended in the past, so I’m trusting him to pick some good books for it.

Also on a side note I recently signed up for Ring of Honor’s Honor Club streaming service now that they finally have an app, and so far I’m really impressed! I haven’t had a chance to stream any live events yet, but as far as keeping up on TV and PPVs it gets a big ol’ thumbs up from me!