Ever since Shawn retired I’ve been admiring his decision to stick to it… but secretly hoping he’d come back. All the teases with Punk, Bryan, AJ Styles, all of it got me praying that he’d return for one more match, but now that the moment has finally come, I can’t help but feel underwhelmed. For one thing at Crown Jewel he’ll be working with other guys way past their prime (I’m not really excited to see Shawn sell for Kane for most of the match). For another, I didn’t really want to see the return of the 2006 D-X version of Shawn Michaels- Triple H’s little buddy who throws glowsticks and jokes about selling merch.

Mostly though it’s just so hard to ignore the headlines about the death of a journalist in Saudi Arabia while seeing WWE excitedly talk about going there on Raw and Smackdown. Sure, it’s fun to imagine WWE as a big clueless puppy who’s just there to have fun and put smiles on faces, clueless of any wrong doing, but going to Saudi Arabia was problematic enough the first time and it’s not like they can just throw together an all-journalist Pay Per View to balance it out. Here’s hoping for at least a joke about Elias being too “religiously incompatible” to wrestle at Crown Jewel because he’s a musician.