I’m never predicting the demise of TNA again after it’s survived all of its turnovers and upheavals. I mean if it can survive 2017’s Anthem takeover, Global Force goofup, and releasing most of its roster to cut costs, I have to believe it will always keep going, even if only under a different name!

I feel a little guilty mocking TNA since I don’t even watch it anymore. It was regular viewing for me for the last few years, but after Anthem came in and cut most of my reasons for watching (the Broken Hardys, Jade, the Kanellis’) and bragged about making TNA great again (they couldn’t) while pushing a feud between their announcers that involved them sniping at each other during the entire show, I tapped out. I never see people even talking about it anymore, except in regards to them firing their referees for being too expensive. Even the addition of Lucha Underground stars like Johnny Mundo and Taya couldn’t bring me back!

I recently switched from PS Vue to Sling TV so I don’t even get Pop TV, but who knows, if they turn it all around maybe I’ll find some way to watch. Of course I hope it all works out and there are still many, many places for wrestlers to wrestle, but I just don’t think it will be with Anthem’s involvement.