When I turned on Impact Wrestling last night I was expecting a big Global Force Wrestling relaunch. Green ropes, Jeff Jarrett statues, karatbars raining down from the heavens. But instead it was just business as usual EXCEPT for their new logo:

In an interview I read with the head of Total Nonstop Global Force Impact Wrestling (Where Wrestling Matters), Jarrett said that the Global Force Wrestling relaunch was an attempt to clear things up, but I’m really not sure what to make of this logo.

Instead of the promotion being called “Impact Wrestling” like before (because, you know, it’s not like a law or anything that wrestling promotions have to be named in acronyms), it’s now GFW and the show is called Impact and it’s owned by Anthem? It seems like there’s a lot of unnecessary information. Like Anthem wants to shove its name and owls all over the goddamn place, but does anyone really turn on a wrestling program and suddenly start wondering what company owns them and if they have an animal mascot? I’ll say this for the Dixie Carter, you never saw her repping her parents’ Panda Energy business by bringing a live panda out before a Pay Per View. Actually, that would have been awesome.