It’s the start of a new year in wrestling! It’s the start of a new year everywhere else too, but mostly in wrestling. 2016 wasn’t all bad for WWE anyway. AJ Styles has enjoyed a nice run. Kevin Owens became champion. There were a bunch of call ups from NXT which was nice, even if the weekly show took a nosedive after that. The Divas became women, the brands split, Goldberg returned and beat Brock in under five minutes.

While the cruiserweight division hasn’t set the world on fire or lived up to the quality of their original tournament, it’s been better than when WWE started the Juniors division (my low benchmark for anything in life) and there’s been plenty to learn from for the UK tournament and show and the rumored Women’s tournament. I predict good things from WWE in 2017, even if the result is more content than anyone could possibly watch.