Last night Impact Wrestling began their new era, the biggest restart the company has seen since six months ago when Billy Corgan became their president. It featured an ex-WWE wrestler debuting and winning the World Championship, bickering announcers who refused to shut up the entire time, two (TWO!) segments where a new authority figure came out to tell us how they’re going to “Make Impact Great”. It was like they were going down a checklist of things people hate in wrestling.

As annoying as Josh Mathews was and as frustrating as it is to see Alberto walk into the World Championship, Bruce Pritchard and Dutch Mantell’s segments are what really bothered me. They talked a lot about how our favorite wrestlers had left and how Impact Wrestling (“TNA” is dead despite what it still says on their championships) sucks now, but they didn’t say how it’s going to be any different! They gave vague ideas like saying that they’re going to focus on the world champion and listen to the fans, but is that really any different than anything we’ve heard before? How does losing the broken Hardys play into listening to the fans? Don’t get me wrong, I definitely agree with Impact Wrestling that they’ve sucked recently, but this latest relaunch gives me no hope that they’re going to be “great” again.