Do you remember the Rumble? I seem to remember consistently getting my hopes way up there for a plucky underdog to win like Bryan, AJ, Owens, Bryan, or Bryan, only to have an ending that either feels like a let down (Roman and Batista) or moderately acceptable (Triple H). I’ll admit that this year’s rumble is exciting because there are way more top contenders to win it, but my problem is that they’re either way past their prime or just aren’t ready yet. It’s a little relieving though to not have to spend the whole Pay Per View worrying about my favorite guy winning only to have someone like Baron Corbin sweeping in and spoiling it for me. I think the best case scenario is Undertaker winning, but I’ll secretly hold out hope for an early Finn return or a Samoa Joe call up.

Only during Raw this past Monday night did I realize the slogan “Remember the Rumble” was a reference to “Remember the Alamo” since the event is going to take place in the Alamodome. It doesn’t make a lot of sense, but then again I’ve been jaded when it comes to Royal Rumble commercials since they peaked in ’05.