I watched the Mexican promotion AAA’s Triplemania XXV show Saturday night and while I had no idea what was going on for most of it, I was impressed with the number of clowns. Both good and bad clowns were over with the crowd! There was a clown on 205 Live last week and it was so quiet you could’ve heard a balloon animal pop.
I was excited to check out Triplemania XXV from AAA, especially since it was free on Twitch. I know AAA publishes a lot of stuff for free online, but since there was English commentary and this was a big show I thought it would be a good jumping on point. After watching it though, I’m not so sure it was. While there were a lot of cool spots and I knew more wrestlers than I thought I would (thanks, Lucha Underground and GFW) I was really confused about some of the matches and who the people were in them. Maybe I’m too dumbed down by WWE constantly spelling out their characters over and over again (“this is the Big Dog Roman Reigns because he’s big and is territorial of his yard like a dog!”) but coming out of Triplemania XXV I didn’t know who any of these clowns were or what made them different from each other or why there was a Kiss cover band attacking people at ringside at one point. I’ll probably give AAA another shot sometime, but I’ll want to do a little more research before jumping in.
Also Sexy Star intentionally hurting Rosemary was total garbage. I really liked Sexy Star as a character on Lucha Underground, but it’s going to be hard to cheer for her as a likable underdog when she pulled Rosemary’s arm out of its socket.