As much as I like to clown on WWE video games, I have to admit that when E3 was going on a few weeks ago I kept wondering if we’d hear any WWE 2k18 news any time soon. The first trailer didn’t say much, except that Seth Rollins will be far more interesting in the game than he has been on TV in months. The way he was attacking that storage facility makes me wonder if they’ll bring back the “Revenge” mode from the 2003 GameCube game, “Wrestlemania XIX”, where you went to different warehouses and malls to wreck the place and assault poor security guards and construction workers just trying to do their job. Probably not, but I can always hope!

Also on a personal note, my son, Harvey H. Hornsby, was born on the 7th of June! My wife and I aren’t even huge Triple H fans, but we had one third of the initials going anyway and it seemed like a nice nod to wrestling without being too in your face about it (my idea of Mysterio Talking-Smack Hornsby was shot down). I’m going to try and keep my normal schedule up, but if the 3am feedings get to me too much I may drop back down to two updates a week (though it will be these normal comics, the NXT Kids will get a break for a while). Thanks for bearing with me during my wonky month of updates!