I wasn’t sure if I could fit the weekend’s two biggest news stories into one comic, but I did it! As I’m sure you all know by now, over the weekend Southpaw Regional Wrestling was finally released! Also an old video of Paige, Xavier Woods, and Brad Maddox involved in sexual congress was hacked and put online. There’s no doubt that it’s terrible for all of the people involved, but honestly I’d be surprised if WWE did anything about it other than keep them off TV for a few weeks. WWE didn’t do anything to Hogan (who wasn’t fired until his racial epithets were revealed) or Seth, so I think it would be hard to dish out any punishment out now. Yes, I know there are graphic photos involved (I’m not going into detail here, you can google it if you’re interested), but it was a long time ago and since Paige is out with an injury and Brad’s long gone, I’m hoping for the sake of the wrestlers that WWE just looks past this one.