I can deal with WWE getting rid of pyro, but replacing the giant Wrestlemania sign with a titantron graphic is unforgivable!

Overall I thought the Rumble was pretty good last night, even if it didn’t quite live up to my expectations. I was really let down by Becky tapping in her title match, and while her last minute addition to the Women’s Rumble was great, the first half of that match dragged bad. While Finn vs. Brock was a fun, quick match, Bryan vs. AJ was killed by the crowd.

My main takeaway from both Rumbles was that I liked that they didn’t bring back a bunch of legends that didn’t have any chance of winning and instead used those spots for newer or less featured wrestlers that didn’t have any chance of winning. It was a nice sampler platter for all the different shows WWE puts out. I also liked how they used both Rumbles to play off of a few storylines, like Nattie vs. the Riott Squad and Mustafa Ali vs. Joe. While Seth and Becky winning were predictable, there were still a lot of surprises, like Nia fighting with the men. All in all it was a fun night of wrestling and that’s all I can ask for.