I’ve heard a lot of people justify part time champions by saying that even if they only show up once in a while to defend their title it will give that match a “big match feel”… While that may be great for Summerslam and Royal Rumble, when we have a show like Hell in a Cell coming up with no title match, it feels pretty flat. I doubt that Cena vs. Orton in a cage will seem any better by thinking about how great it’s going to be seeing Brock fight the winner in a few months. Which, by the way, I’m hoping that the rumors of him not coming back until the Rumble are off and he’ll at least show up at Survivor Series. I definitely think the title used to be defended on Raw way too often and with far too little build up, but I think the champion should at least show up every pay per view. That’s not too much to ask, is it?

And in case you think I forgot that the Money in the Bank briefcase has to be defended within a year of earning it when making this comic, I’m working under the assumption that if they can bend the “champion has to defend the title once every thirty days” rule, they would bend the rules in this unlikely scenario too.