I’m comfortable with suspending my disbelief when it comes to most things in wrestling, but seeing Mick’s son Dewey walk into a WWE Creative role (despite showing a minimal interest in being a writer and having no experience that’s mentioned) right after Mick’s reality show “Holy Foley!” starts, is too much. Bray Wyatt teleporting? Sure, I’ll accept it. Mick lecturing Dewey about not having a job or any ambition one day, only for Dewey to start working for WWE the next? Not so much.

I watched all five episodes of “Holy Foley!” and found it to be better than “Legend’s House” but not quite at the level of “Total Divas”, if that tells you anything. While the Foley family seems nice and all, the reality show conventions of the “stars” wondering whether or not people will recognize them while they’re being followed by a camera crew, grates on my nerves. In addition to Dewey just happening upon a job with WWE, Mick’s daughter Noelle decides she wants to be a wrestler and trains with her Dad’s friends like DDP, Sasha Banks, and Becky Lynch, all while worrying that fans will think she only got to WWE because of Mick. It all makes me wonder if Mick’s kids even want to follow these career paths, or if he swore his family over to WWE for a lifetime supply of T-shirts.