Ah, the end of another Wrestlemania! Y’know, overall I’d have to say that the show was pretty good, except for the snoozer of a main event. In some ways it felt vindicating to see the crowd completely dead during the overly hyped Rock vs. Cena 2 match, but I have a feeling that most will blame it on the lack of a buffer between the main events rather than anything having to do with the wrestlers themselves. Seriously though, restholds, countering finishers, walking around and staring at each other? Blech. I’m wondering if WWE will edit in cheering crowd audio for the DVD. Y’know, once they’re done editing out the foam that the smoke machine farted all over Triple H.

Other than that though I think the matches were pretty good, though very (expectedly) short. No real surprises or anything that I’d refer to as a “Wrestlemania moment,” but no complete disappointments either (refer to last year’s opening match to see why my expectations are so low). I’m just going to hope that the WWE take the hint from last night’s crowd and avoid giving us Rock vs. Cena 3. I’m not sure how many more times they can kick out of each other’s finishers.