Tonight the wife and I are headed to Raw here in St. Louis, and while I like to complain from time to time about going to WWE shows, usually it’s pretty fun. Normally I prefer house shows due to the lighter parking and crowds (or TNA shows, for that matter), but nothing really shocking or exciting happens at those. It’s more straight up wrestling, and who wants to see that? (kidding, kidding,)

There’s a lot of pressure too, once you see how judgmental people online (like me) can be about crowds! If you don’t cheer, boo, or do the catchy chant at the right time, the whole city is written off as sucking. I’ll tell you right now that I may join in on a round of “whole world in his hands”, but there’s no way I’m starting it. Once back in 2005 my friend and I tried to start a “Rosey” chant during a battle royal at Raw. It did not catch on. We looked like idiots. Rosey was eliminated and, a few months later, fired. I learned my lesson.