It’s shocking to see the difference between how women’s wrestling is treated on Raw/ Smackdown and NXT. Hell, just look at the titles! While watching the Divas tag team match on NXT last night where Paige and Emma fought Charlotte and Sasha Banks, I was wondering why the division on regular WWE programming can’t be that good. Do Divas matches have to be a bathroom break? As much as wrestling fans (other than me, of course) like to crap on Total Divas, I don’t really blame the competitors as much as the way the matches are booked. I think back to Gail Kim’s interview that she did after leaving WWE, where she talked about not being allowed to kick or punch, and being instructed to be more girly. It all sounds very political, and would make for a great episode of Total Divas, if they were to talk about something other than John Cena’s talking hampers, that is. Hopefully Paige, along with AJ, will be able to bring some credibility to the division.

Though I will point out that while the Bella twins’ matches from the last year or so haven’t been the stuff of legend, at least the Divas Title isn’t being fought over with Evening Gown and Chocolate Pudding matches anymore. And for those of you who DO miss the cheap thrills associated with that, there’s an easier place to find those things without taking time away from wrestling. Google. It’s just a link to google.